Let’s Stake DODO Coin!(APY 140%)

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If you stake DODO coin it gives you x2.6 DODOCOIN per a year, and it can be more than x15 times as compound interest is applied on this system.

DoDo coin is listed on Binance and you can purchase it on there

Let’s start how to stake DODO.

1. Install Metamask. (https://metamask.io/)

2. Click Add token below

(You need ETH and DODOCOIN)

3. Put DODO and add it

Someone who doesnt work this phrase, click Add token

and go to custum token and put


and put 18 on decimal

4. Send ETH and DODO coin on your own Address. AS ETH and DODO are using same chain(ERC20), address is same.

You should send at least 0.1ETH because of Gas Fee

5. Preparation is almost done. now Let’s Stake

Go to https://v2beta.dodoex.io/vdodo?r=0xCA41E1b54aE8141371d118a7cF48b4219eEA7823

(It you use the link above, you can be applied little bit more APY.)

6. Link DODO site and Metamask

Someone who is trying to stake through Mobile, Metamask is not on, so click WalletConnect and link Metamask.

7. Link is done, Mint vDODO!

8. Check the referral!! and go on

(Referral : 0xCA41E1b54aE8141371d118a7cF48b4219eEA7823)

As I wrote above, you will get little bit more APY benefit if you put the referral code above

Click Edit and put


This will give you little bit more APY

Now its end. APY 160% is not the end. If staking participants break away from staking, about 8% of his DODO coin is distributed to all staking participants. And as this system is Compound interest, you can earn more than x15 DODOcoin(min x2.6)